Claire, UK

“XLS-Medical helped me look amazing on my wedding day”

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Claire's weight loss success story

Claire lost -24lbs with XLS-Medical Fat Binder1

She recently got engaged and, after picking the perfect wedding dress, she wanted to kick start her weight loss to look fabulous on her big day. She lost an incredible -24lbs over 12 weeks using XLS-Medical Fat Binder.

She says “XLS-Medical changed my life. I’m comfortably in a size 8 now and have a new and healthier relationship with food. My dress fits and I can’t wait for my wedding!”

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  • Lost -24lbs over 12 weeks using XLS-Medical Fat Binder
  • Starting weight: 10St 8lbs
  • Finishing weight: 8St 12lbs

* Weight lost over 12 weeks. Individual results may vary.