Katie, UK

"I'm back in my skinny jeans!"

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Katie's weight loss success story

Katie lost -15lbs with XLS-Medical Tea1

Katie first felt like she wanted to make a change after noticing that her clothes no longer fit and her confidence was at an all-time low. She explains: “No matter how many times my husband would tell me I looked wonderful, when you’re not feeling confident in yourself it doesn’t matter what anyone says.”

Katie was keen to embrace a healthier lifestyle and feel more confident again. She decided to try XLS-Medical Tea to help her lose weight and achieve her goals. She lost an incredible -15lbs in just 12 weeks. She says “I loved the taste of the tea, and it was really easy to fit into my day to day life. I simply drank a cup after each meal – it was easy! I feel more confident, I have more energy and I feel absolutely amazing! Thanks to the extra help from XLS-Medical Tea, I’m back in my skinny jeans – it’s incredible!”

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  • Lost -15lbs over 12 weeks using XLS-Medical Tea
  • Starting weight: 12St 4lbs
  • Finishing weight: 11St 3lbs

* Weight lost over 12 weeks. Individual results may vary.