Healthy Breakfast Ideas That Won’t Harm Your Weight Loss Goals

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Healthy breakfast ideas that won't harm your weight loss goals

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Healthy eating is a significant part of anyone’s weight loss journey. Sourcing the right kind of ingredients and preparing the right kind of meals is central to healthy eating.

Despite what some people may assume, skipping breakfast isn’t a smart way to dodge calories. In fact, the opposite is often true. People that ignore the morning meal tend to snack unhealthily throughout the day and end up taking on more calories.1

Breakfast not only keeps your appetite in check first thing, it also gives you a much-needed energy boost. Meaning you’ll be well equipped for any exercise you may have planned.2

Of course, sitting down to a large fried breakfast isn’t sensible for anyone losing weight. Instead, you want to try and incorporate some of the following healthy breakfast ideas into your daily life…

Healthy Breakfast

Healthy Breakfast Ideas


When it comes to nutrition, it’s pretty hard to top eggs. They’re incredibly protein rich, which means that they will lessen your appetite throughout the day. Partly because protein takes quite a while to digest.3

As if eggs weren’t already perfect breakfast material enough, they’re also widely available, inexpensive and easy to cook. They even come in their own little container…

Wholemeal Toast

Bread is generally something to avoid for anyone trying to lose weight. But a small amount of wholemeal brown bread is fine. There’s plenty of fibre and the carbs it has are complex ones which digest slowly and don’t spike blood sugar (unlike white bread).9

A slice or two can also help pad out simpler breakfasts like scrambled eggs.


It’s not to everyone’s tastes, but if you like – or can grow to like – oatmeal, it can be the perfect healthy breakfast idea for weight loss.

Not only is this oaty meal very low in calories, it’s high in protein and fibre4. Both of these are good for you and both help control appetite.

The good news keeps coming too. Oatmeal contains a soluble fibre (or ‘glucose polymer’) called beta-glucan which has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels and increase feelings of fullness.If you find oatmeal a little plain or ‘gloopy’, add in some berries or a small handful of your preferred nuts.


Quick Healthy Breakfast Ideas


Full of fibre but low in calories, fruit makes for a super simple and refreshing quick and healthy breakfast idea. The fibre found in fruits such as kiwis, berries and bananas will likely see your hunger pangs later in the day reduced too.6

Don’t be put off by the sugars, simple sugars such as those found in grapefruits are useful energy sources.7

To balance your breakfast a little and inject some protein into your meal, consider combining your fruit choice with some yoghurt.

Stick with whole fruit in favour of fruit juice where possible. It may be quicker to get into your system, but fruit juice lacks the fibre you get with eating full fruits.8

Nuts and Seeds

If you’re generally in a hurry in the morning and rarely find yourself with much time for sitting down to a leisurely breakfast, a handful of nuts and seeds can take the edge off your hunger and keep you ticking over with slow release energy until lunchtime.

Chia seeds and flaxseeds are both great sources of fibre and are proven to increase feelings of fullness, so they’re ideal alongside other small nutritious breakfasts.13

Don’t worry about the relatively high calorie count in certain nuts such as walnuts and almonds. Studies have shown that the body doesn’t absorb 4/5ths of their calories anyway.14

Hot Beverages

If you’re in a rush or really just cannot stand the thought of eating breakfast, don’t go entirely without. At least take five minutes to drink something.

Water is always good, but a hot drink can be even more beneficial first thing in the morning.

Both green tea and coffee have been proven to speed up the body’s ability to burn off fat because they’re both capable of upping the body’s metabolism.15


Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Weight Loss


Perhaps you find the idea of sitting down to mouthfuls and mouthfuls of food a little off putting when you first wake up. It’s understandable, many people struggle to engage their appetite that early.

One answer to this mid-morning conundrum is the breakfast smoothie. They’re quick and easy and yet they ensure that you get plenty of nutrients on board.

Smoothies aren’t healthy in and of themselves, though. It’s all about what you put into your blender. Avoid too many calories, add a little protein and plenty of fibre and you’ll be left feeling full. Don’t forget to make it taste nice, though. Fruit will help with this.

To help fend off pre-lunch snacking, you can pace your smoothie and enjoy this healthy breakfast idea throughout the morning.

Protein shakes

Preparing a protein shake may seem a little intimidating. Or strike you as something that only muscle-bound gym bunnies go in for. That’s not the case, though. Think of a protein shake like a slightly boosted smoothie. In fact, it can be a smoothie if you like. All you add is a scoop of protein powder. The protein is useful here at breakfast because it promotes a feeling of fullness and noticeably reduces hunger.12

Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas


Perfect with fruit, nuts and/or seeds, yoghurt – specifically the Greek and Icelandic kinds – is an ideal source of protein. It’s also crammed full of probiotics and nutrients like calcium, potassium and zinc.10

Yoghurt has been shown in tests to decrease hunger throughout the day11, so it’s benefits go beyond just an easy, healthy breakfast idea. Factor in that it’s also incredibly simple to prepare and eat and it’s a perfect breakfast ingredient.

When it comes to tackling the day with the right mindset and the energy to follow your weight loss plans, healthy breakfast ideas are an absolute cornerstone. Don’t avoid them,, embrace them all and get creative.

Start healthy and follow that attitude throughout the day and you’ll be on the right track.

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